Summer 1987 Live in "San Gregorio di Catania" this was Jungle Town at the Recca's Sticky Fingers Pub!
This is a part of the history of Giovanni M Ferla.
Song: Sticky Fingers Recca Pub
Band: Jungle Town this band was active in the years between 1986 to 1992
Giovanni M Ferla (composer) Keyboards
Massimo Greco: Trumpet
Stefano di Battista: Alto Saxophone (special guest star)
Claudio Cusmano: EL Guitar
Roberto di Bella: El Bass
Enrico di Bella: Drums
Santi Mirabella: Percussion
Video Editing Giovanni Ferla
my personal thanks to the visuals effects from SoundSpectrum that are really great!


Special thanks to Antonio e Salvo Recca for the unforgetable drinks and cocktails in the hot summer time nights in the Sticky Fingers Pub in San Gregorio di Catania in the years between the 1985-1990 years... And...
I want to say thanks to all the friends in those hot summers, that they have inspired me to compose many songs. ..
I invite them to hit on i like this video
and a special remembrance goes to all those friends who are no longer with us now... because maybe they are passed to a better life... but I remember the name of all of them ..and today they are with me for sure.. they will be with us... for ever!

in memory of Aldo Mazzarino and Patrizia Pagliaro that was musician of Jungle Town