Fermusic Media Records

Finished recording November 18, 2015 The album features 26 tracks of composer / arranger Giovanni M. Ferla produced by himself for Fermusic Media Records which host the recording studio and the independent label founded in 2003

The album offers recordings ranging from 1959 to 2015

Among the 26 tracks there is even a very rare recording of Giovanni M. Ferla made  in 1959 (yes him was 3 years old ... only). They have recorded in a Grundig and the tape was kept by the family of the composer. in the recording it's easy to listen and you immediately notice his interest in new technologies related to the recording and audio production.

This album contains some of the most significant songs that are part of the musical history of Giovanni Maria Ferla. The idea comes from the fact that during the years between 1980 and 2015 they are accumulated lots of products some of which have remained in the drawer of the study Fermusic Media  unused for lack of time and for various reasons that will deepen inside the pages of description of the individual songs

You will find his compositions and the arrangements of the cover that cross arround many musical genres going  from pop to jazz, from rock to film music (soundtrack). Brazilian from the reinterpretation of old melodies and folk songs of Sicily and traditional Mediterranean music. In all this it stands out clearly the personality and style that ties the various tracks of different genres generating a surprisingly common thread.

The album contains live audio recordings dating from the 80s to the present day.

Featuring artist and bands:

Talco (Giovanni M. Ferla band from1983 to 1986)

Jungle Town (Giovanni M Ferla band from1986 to 1991)

The song Between is a courtesy of Soul Club from '90 to 99 with Pippo Sindoni (Drums) Sergio Manzoni (el Guitar) a many other grat musicians

Musician and Vocalist:

Giovanni Maria Ferla: Piano, Rodhes, Keyboards, Oberheim Matrix 12, Organ, Synthesizer, Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Electronic Percussion and Drum programming, Vocals

Antonella Bucci: Vocals

Santi Mirabella: Percussion

Stefano di Battista: Sax Alto and Soprano

Joy Garrison: Vocals

Federica Comis: Vocals

Enrico di Bella: Drums

Claudio Cusmano: Electric Guitar

Lavinia Valastro: Vocals

Alessandro Sirna: Electric Guitar and vocals

Isabella Senesi Vocals

Roberto di Bella: Fretless Fender Jazz Bass

Massimo Greco: Trumpet

Gianni Bellinazzi: Vocal

Vaccalluzzo brothers: Trombone and Trumpet

Rosalba Bantivoglio: Vocals

Daniela: Vocals

Gaetano D'angelo: Tenor Sax

Vincenzo Attardo: Synth programming in to be continued


I just say thank you all for inspiring me and help me to finalize this album


Giovanni M. Ferla