Siciliano was composed in the 2006 by Giovanni M. Frla and this is a special remastered version edited in the end of  Jan 2017

This song was originally made for movie soundtrack but the production was stopped in the 2008 to the world economical crisis.

I decide to finisch this song as indipendent production and this song is now property of Fermusic Media and Giovanni M. Ferla!


here some tecnical specifications

Recorded with Logic Pro X 1.3.x using Pearl Piano mixed with Universal Audio Neve RS88 Channel Strip

Giovanni M. Ferla plays also the Bandoneon (Kontakt)

Strings section are from Vienna Synphonic Orchestra 1st edition

Percussion and drum set are original recorded as digital samples at Fermusic Media studio.

Scoring and video editing by Giovanni M. Ferla 


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