Totalmente Bucci - Antonella Bucci

Anima Del Mondo ℗ 2010 song composed by Antonella Bucci and Giovanni M. Ferla 
Lyrics by G. Rinaldi (Kaballà)

This song was finished recording in August 2001. Then... came the day of tragedy and terror. That day was September 11, 2001. Antonella had just returned to Milan and I remember we talked by phone trying to figure out if what happened was a horrible nightmare from which we had to wake up right now! But she had to say: We must change the lyrics. of Mai e Poi Mai.. (original lirycs before the Sept 11 .. randomness wanted that Giuseppe Rinaldi was in touch with Antonella in Milan and we must say thanks to him for the beautiful lyrics that was born in those days of tragedy for all the humanity
This song want commemorate the great wound which the World Soul suffered in Sept. 11, 2001 in that day thousands of Angels lost their wings. And only the rebirth of World Soul, that shared values to unite the peoples and governments in a project where the borders will be demolished .. to give liberty to all .. to believe in the peace .. where the religions will not cause conflicts ... there, where our different hearts, sooner or later, they will fall in love!

Angeli in fuga dalla crudeltà
naufraghi persi nell' oscurità
la vita è solitudine è sete d'acqua che non c'è
stelle velate senza libertà
cieli scomposti sopra la realtà
l'indifferenza si risolverà se questo mondo trova la sua anima
l'anima ci salverà e per noi cambierà
l'anima del mondo si apr irà
in un respiro nel battito del tempo che va
occhi che non hanno più luce e lacrime
mani che non sanno più pregare e chiedere
un'altra storia si racconterà se questo mondo trova la sua anima
l'anima rinascera e sarà libera
l'anima del mondo siamo noi
cuori diversi che si ameranno prima o poi
terre ferite
cicatrici al sole dove il dolore è un abitudine
per ogni eccesso di silenzio un grido al cielo si alzerà
che mai nessuno fermarà mai si fermerà
l'anima ci salverà e per noi cambierà
l'anima del mondo si aprirà
in un respiro nel tempo che verrà
l'anima rinascera e sarà libera
l'anima del mondo siamo noi
cuori diversi che si ameranno prima o poi

This would be a gift to every visitor of this website with the hope that the future will bring freedom to all and an end to the wounds that our world continues to suffer daily because a few but dangerous, stupid fundamentalist who use their power to shed blood and terror in the poorest countries on the planet.

I present a new song that is part of history of Fermusic Media Recording Studio. And is a great pleasure to present Antonella Bucci who sings a song composed and written together in summer 2001.
This song has suffered a very big change because of the attack on the Twin Towers in the World Trade Center happened just the “September 11 2001” The provisional title of this piece was not what I then decided to record finally but I remember Antonella insisted to change the text and return to record voice during the first days of November.(This version is the latest version remixed) I would like to add a personal thought on the theme song in which I personally find it very suitable for a New, Positive Spirit, and a desire of Renaissance. WE must have a great respect for our world and universe because humans can cause major disasters and the date of September 11 will remain as the biggest wound the soul of our world has suffered in this century. Soul wounds never heal and only a true rebirth of shared values that create union may
alleviate the suffering of many oppressed peoples from totalitarian regimes.
The song was remixed and it is included in the album TOTALMENTE BUCCI August 2010
World Soul
Antonella Bucci