Description: The Octopus contains one Matrix for Oscillator and Filter Frequency Modulation
synthesis and another Matrix for general modulation. The key component for building
a sound is the instrument’s 8 oscillators, 2 filters and up to 32 envelopes. These
components are all it needs to create anything from classic “old school” FM timbres to
complex sounds far beyond those possible with conventional FM synthesis.
The Octopus' 2 Filters permit using the filters as modulation sources; thus they can
be used to modulate an oscillator—the sonic possibilities are tremendous.

Released: 15.Apr 2014
- Fixed a bug which caused microtonal settings to be lost when restoring a project

Included SoundSets:
- Stallion Sounds - Octopussy Vol. 1
- Summa Signature Set

Use the Serial Number or the included KeyGen!
- A Mac or PC computer with at least 1 GHz CPU (2 GHz recommended),
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
- An AU or VST capable DAW software like Cubase, Logic, Live,
Studio One, Orion, FL Studio etc
- a Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 (1280 x 800 or better recommended)
- Mac OSX 10.5 and newer, any Intel Processor or Windows XP and newer, any Processor
- Octopus comes as both native 32 bit and 64 bit plugin
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