Sony PCM-D100

Sonoma Wire Works (sonomawire was offering sneak peeks at a few of their upcoming hardware interfaces; prices and availability are still TBD. The new line includes the GuitarJack Stage, with four footswitches and a row of knobs much like a guitar pedalboard; the GuitarJack mini, a desktop interface with a single level knob; and the StudioJack and StudioJack Mini, tabletop interfaces with metering and control knobs for levels and gains. Shipping this April: DrumCore 4 ($199; various versions range from $49 to $499 depending on bundled content), which includes undreds of sampled drum kits and royalty- free loops, a built-in mixer and stereo effects, a built-in store to add content when needed, and much moresony.jpg 


Headphones Sennheiser HD6 Mix

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