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this system is tested and in fully working order supports for Mac and windows PC... I use this set on my mac pro 2012 and it works absolutely fine

Adapter PCI e to PCIe comes with 4 slots the case comes with specia ATX power supply that works on high power Professional PCI cardsIMG_0673.jpg




I'm sure that you will enjoy with this system!



HD video recording set


Sony PCM-D100

Sonoma Wire Works (sonomawire was offering sneak peeks at a few of their upcoming hardware interfaces; prices and availability are still TBD. The new line includes the GuitarJack Stage, with four footswitches and a row of knobs much like a guitar pedalboard; the GuitarJack mini, a desktop interface with a single level knob; and the StudioJack and StudioJack Mini, tabletop interfaces with metering and control knobs for levels and gains. Shipping this April: DrumCore 4 ($199; various versions range from $49 to $499 depending on bundled content), which includes undreds of sampled drum kits and royalty- free loops, a built-in mixer and stereo effects, a built-in store to add content when needed, and much moresony.jpg 


Headphones Sennheiser HD6 Mix

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CreativeLive Intro to Home Recording


record great music using minimal gear.
We’ve got the training you need to get started with home music recording. In this course audio engineer, Zach Varnell breaks home recording down into simple, easy-to-understand steps and sets you up with the skills you need to record music using minimal gear and a basic computer.
In this course Zach will walk you through the basic set-up you’ll want to create to start recording music at home. You will learn how to record vocals with a microphone, capture bass and guitar tracks and how to work with virtual drums and synths. Zach is an industry veteran and will share shortcuts he picked up from a career in music. This course will set you up to start recording immediately and give you a solid foundation for taking more advanced courses.
Music recording doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complex – join us for this foundational class and learn how you can record songs that sound great using very basic equipment.

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