Ahora Tu

Totalmente Bucci - Antonella Bucci

Ahora Tu is the Adesso 6 spanish version, song composed by A. Buccigrossi, G. M. Ferla, S.Pulvirenti ℗2010

Lyrics by Antonella Bucci (Special Thanks to Karen Angel and Santi Mirabella spanish lyrics translation)

Hahahaha nnana
Tú dime como haces como haces
A quedarte tan callado

Mientras yo trato de trato de
Ir directo al punto
hey Creo que no es tan fácil
El hablar con gente como tu
Que se pasa el día entero
Viviendo en una fiesta
Ahora tú eres nieve al sol
Que se derrite totalmente
Ahora tú eres palabras sencillas
Que me hablan sobre ti, sobre ti, sobre ti
Dime porque’ será /porque’ será
Que yo digo siempre lo que siento
Mientras tu intentas de/ intentas de
Eludir el argumento
Que Sabes creo qu’ es más fácil
El hablar con gente como yo
Que pasa días enteros Usando la cabeza
Ahora tú eres nieve al sol
Que se derrite totalmente

Ahora tú eres las palabras simples
En mi pensamiento
Ahora tú eres como el sol
sonriente contra el aguasero
Ahora tu sabes que ya las palabras no me hablan más de ti
Caminare’ aun que tu ya no estés
Sonriendo sin tener un porque
Dedicare’ las palabras que se
Porque puedo pasar
Todos mis dias
Viviendo en una fiesta
Ahora sé que yo brillo como el sol
Brillo como el sol
Ahora se las esplendidas palabras
Esplendidas palabras
Ahora tú sabes que soy como el sol
Después del aguacero
Ahora tú ya conoces las palabras
Que me hablan sobre ti


Spanish version of Adesso 6 was born from an idea during the first release of the Adesso 6 single that was released to the iTunes stores in the 2010 June 24.
The lyrics of that song respects the Italian version as the best and sounds very well thanks to Santi Mirabella that wrote this lyrics in July 2010 with a special guest help by Karen Angel
Lirycs by Karen Angel and Santi Mirabella!
Special Thanks to John Forbes, Karen Angel and Santi Mirabella for their adapting from italian lyrics crossing to Spanish language

The Game of Life

antogame1.jpgTotalmente Bucci - Antonella Bucci

℗2010 composed by (Buccigrossi - Ferla)
Giovanni Ferla: arranger, Keyboards , Drums and percussion programming -
Enrico di Bella Drums
Roberto di Bella: bass
Emilio Coco : Acoustic Guitars
Sergio Romeo: Electric Guitars


Hey Hey he he yeah
I'd like to look inside my destiny to find the way
to make a change somehow, somewhere of what'll be
I'm only human so my story I would change
I know I'd like to have a better life
Sometimes you understand and that life is fate and mistery
and so like me you'll find what she was really meant to be
'cause without mistery, you know, your dream has gone
and in my dream it's you the one
it's you that all I need

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Adesso 6 Lyrics

Totalmente Bucci - Antonella Bucci

Adesso 6 Compositori: A. Buccigrossi - G. M. Ferla - S. Pulvirenti ℗©2010

Adesso 6

Ma dimmi come fai, come fai

a restare nel silenzio

mentre io cerco di cerco di

arrivare al punto

sai credo che non sia facile

rispondere a quelli come te

che passano intere giornate a vivere in una festa

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Baciarti Adesso


Totalmente Bucci - Antonella Bucci

Baciarti Adesso ℗©2010 Composer: A.Buccigrossi G.Ferla S. Pulvurenti
Antonella Bucci Lead and Background Vocals
Giovanni M. Ferla: Piano, Bass, Ac Guitars, Drums programming, strings scoring and arrangements
Santi Pulvirenti El Guitars
Baciarti Adesso Non ha senso sai
Guardami negli occhi dai
come non l'hai fatto mai, come non l'hai detto mai
tu per me
sei ciò che voglio vivere
ma dammi ora le tue mani, dai
stringimi più forte e vai
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